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We call it Integrated Demand Marketing. A unique approach that unites key disciplines to elevate audience reaction. We combine award-winning creative, design and content with optimized data, media and teleservices to achieve a new level of impact.

For nearly two decades we’ve been driving more effective, high ROI sales and marketing programs for the world’s leading B2B and B2C companies. See how we can do it for you.

CLIENT: Citrix

A leader in virtualization and application delivery,
Citrix has relied on CatapultWorks to create
dozens of integrated programs and interactive
campaigns, driving millions in new revenue
and thousands of new meetings for field sales.

CLIENT: Brocade

A top data center technology provider, Brocade
has enlisted CatapultWorks over the past 6 years
to managed sales and marketing data and
develop demand generation campaigns, saving
millions of dollars on data-related efficiencies
and driving thousands of leads and meetings.

CLIENT: ServiceNow

Redefining the IT service management industry,
ServiceNow brought in CatapultWorks to
create the brand from logo to identity, then
launch content, campaigns and demand
generation programs that include everything from digital
banners to data management and media services.


How do you coax the most thoughtful and disruptive work out of creative teams? You inform them in original ways. Paint a vivid narrative of the target audience. Connect them to all the ways the message can impact customers.

And never, ever sacrifice relevant for irreverent.


Today’s media landscape gets more complex by the minute. It requires a balanced understanding across not only digital and traditional channels, but social, mobile and new offerings as well. Our team of full-service media experts build highly impactful B2B and consumer media plans based on real-time performance reporting and analytics. The result? You get more return for every media dollar spent.

Myriad banner units, publisher-direct and ad networks, CPM/CPC buying, advanced, geo- and re-targeting, takeovers, rich media and pre-rolls; planned to balance efficiencies and impact, monitoring performance and optimizations
Used effectively, it can drive awareness and credibility—maintaining its place in the media landscape
Leveraging existing content or developing new-delivering leads via publishers, networks, and database marketing—and optimizing off pipeline data
Broadcast client content with subject matter experts to target audiences, developing editorially driven events, building thought leadership
Emerging platforms and devices, display and in-app, device targeting, plus geo-fencing to reach hyper-local audiences
Television and radio, cable, national and spot, delivers broad and niche audiences and differentiates advertisers
Known as “advertorial,” then “sponsored,” now “native” —it’s all about weaving client content into relevant online environments
Building dedicated communities and leveraging existing, advertising within social environments such as LinkedIn and Facebook
Developing pricing models that are based on paying for a desired action—download, registration, video views, or purchases
Billboards, transit, airport, growing amounts of digital signage—throw in guerilla—and the options for impactful ad units are everywhere
Email, telemarketing and postal list strategies to deliver 1:1 communications

In today’s metrics-driven world, data is more important—and more abundant—than ever. But do you have the right data to meet the needs of your sales and marketing campaigns? Can you:

  • Segment your data to target specific accounts and contacts with targeted solutions?
  • Properly score your responses and provide your sales team with only the highest quality leads?
  • Accurately measure and report on your campaign performance?
  • Identify trends and analysis to inform and improve your marketing strategy?


It’s hard to be successful if you begin your sales and marketing campaigns with dirty data. Too often, great intentions falter due to issues such as duplicates, wrong names, wrong email and mailing addresses, false companies and incorrect titles. These data challenges will hinder your ability to target the right message to the right contact at the right time. So your campaign response rates will decrease and your opt-outs will increase. In addition, your reporting will be flawed, your campaign ROI will be minimal and the fees associated with your systems will continue to increase. And most importantly, you won’t be able to generate the demand needed to achieve your revenue goals.

CatapultWorks can help you assess the quality of your sales and marketing data, identify your data quality challenge areas, work with you to clean the data and develop ongoing data quality solutions. We’ve worked on hundreds of data quality engagements—across small businesses and large enterprises in virtually every industry. In fact, we’ve helped the leading sales and marketing technology vendors, including SFDC, Eloqua and Marketo get their data clean—and keep it clean. And we’ve helped their largest clients as well. So we know what works.

We’ve helped our clients get the most out of their sales and marketing data and have achieved the highest results by:

  • Increasing responses rates
  • Driving high quality leads through the pipeline
  • Strategizing new marketing opportunities
  • Decreasing costs associated with SFA, CRM and marketing automation tools

Increasingly, data is at the core of sales and marketing success. You need to have the right data, available at the right time—and in the right format—to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s sales and marketing environment. It is important that your data is properly captured, processed, stored and managed in order to ensure:

  • Complex data segmentation to enable targeted communications
  • Automated lead nurturing based on contact’s behavior and location in the demand cycle
  • Lead scoring models built to a company’s specific go-to-market strategy
  • Metrics measurement to show campaign performance and ROI
  • Analytics capabilities to identify trends, inform and improve strategy

This requires significant up-front strategic planning, development of standardized operational processes, and diligent, ongoing governance to ensure compliance.

Learn more about CatapultWorks’ data management by reading the case studies below. And when you are ready to get started, click here to speak with one of our data management consultants.


The success—or failure—of every sales and marketing program starts with the list. Sales and marketing can choose to use existing contact lists, buy, rent or even custom build the “perfect” role-based lists.

With over 10 years of experience across hundreds of demand generation projects, CatapultWorks has developed the know-how and the industry relationships with the leading data providers—in order to produce the best list at the lowest possible costs. We will work with you to determine the advantages and trade-offs of each list development approach (build vs. buy vs. enrich vs. rent).

Targeted list purchases

  • Fast time to delivery
  • Low cost
  • Based on publicly available firmographic and title information

Custom, role-based list builds

  • Precise targeting based on role (not just title)
  • Delivers true decision-makers
  • Validated contact method information

House list augmentation and enrichment

  • Optimize existing data acquisition investments
  • Contacts that previously indicated interest
  • Improved targeting with data augmentation and enrichment

CatapultWorks’ comprehensive experience has determined it is often the case that a combination of build, buy and enrich is the most effective course of action to meet our clients’ quality, volume, cost and time parameters. But we manage the entire process for you, so you don’t have to manage multiple vendors and data providers. And the end result will be a high quality set of contacts that will increase the accuracy and efficacy of your sales and marketing programs.

CatapultWorks list development services can exponentially improve the results of your sales and marketing campaigns. To learn more, just click here to meet with one of our list development experts.


CatapultWorks can help your marketing team take advantage of marketing automation technologies by providing the strategic, technical, operational skills and best-practice knowledge needed to make them work in the most effective way. We can meet your company’s specific needs to:

  • Deploy and integrate marketing automation platforms
  • Automate previously time-intensive marketing activities
  • Develop and operationalize best practice processes
  • Utilize your marketing technology or outsource it all to us

Learn more about CatapultWorks’ marketing operations by reading the case studies below. And when you are ready to get started, click here to speak with one of our marketing operations specialists.


Some of the most prevalent—and costly—data quality challenges that impede upon the success of sales and marketing campaigns involve missing or inaccurate data. This includes the following:

  • Method of contact (email, phone, mailing address)
  • Contact segmentation (title, role, function)
  • Firmographic data (industry, size)

The result? While you’ve already invested significant dollars to acquire the contacts in your sales and marketing databases, you’re unable to capitalize on your investments. Or, you’ve just simply been unable to acquire the data for key contacts within your strategic segments.

CatapultWorks has helped hundreds of clients to optimize and enhance their data acquisition initiatives. Our data validation, enhancement and augmentation strategies include:

  • Email, phone, mailing address validation and append
  • Firmographic data append
  • Title, role, function validation and append
  • Key target Account and Contact gap analysis (whitespace analysis)
  • Account and Contact discovery

Time and time again, we have seen clients reap the benefits by partnering with CatapultWorks. We have successfully incorporated data enhancement and augmentation strategies to their demand generation initiatives and have delivered these results:

  • Increased campaign response rates by 3x-5x through industry-specific messaging
  • Improved sales and marketing alignment from the delivery of only highly qualified leads that meet company-specific target characteristics
  • Increased campaign ROI by 25% by only targeting key, decision-maker contacts
  • Decreased direct mail and telemarketing costs by 35% through phone and mailing address validation and append
  • Increased email deliverability rates by 15% through email validation and append

CatapultWorks data appending and enhancement solutions can optimize your data acquisition investments. Want to learn more? Just click here to meet with one of our data experts.



Telemarketing or teleprospecting programs should ultimately be judged a success by one metric—Closed/Won revenue. This requires clear communications, defined roles and goals between Sales and Marketing teams, and closed-loop reporting. CatapultWorks’ methodology combines best-in-class teleservices, exceptional data, and nurturing processes to deliver calculated, repeatable ROI for our clients.

The result is maximized ROI for customers.

CatapultWorks’ 10+ years of experience, executing outbound tele-programs, has enabled us to define what types of results you can expect from different types of programs. Defining the objective will drive the strategy and execution.
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